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EcoPulse is a technology-enabled platform created to deliver professional financial market content to financial intermediaries across equity, currency, commodity and other markets. The platform allows its users to establish a robust information proposition for their customers.

This platform has been providing consistent and high quality reports along with other services to the users for many years.

The founders of this platform have been working closely with the industry for over a decade providing cutting edge solutions for financial data, analysis and reports.


Retail brokers can gain tremendous advantage by minimizing the time lag in market moving information flow to retail investors vis-à-vis institutional investors. One way to achieve this is by providing clients with timely and accurate access to all major economic and other market moving announcements and data. In order to bring in a level playing field for their clients, many broker dealers provide economic calendar and news flow on their trading platforms.



Daily and Weekly Reports

Financial intermediaries produce and distribute content that informs their clients about market moving events which can have a potential impact on their trading positions. While they can do this through multiple channels, one of the most successful routes has been to send a compilation of events, which have affected various markets, through well crafted market reports at regular intervals.

These reports allow the brokers to be a part of their client's trading routine as a source of information available through reports that are emailed consistently at a specific time on each trading day.

Report Types

Economic Calendar

Our Real Time Economic Calendar service covers 45 major countries and includes over 1400 indicators updated on a real time basis. Our team is constantly adding more countries, indicators and historic data. Our goal is to include over 10,000 indicators in our Economic Calendar service at the earliest.

Our philosophy of providing bespoke service allows our economic calendar to be unique for your website. We can also provide customizations to meet your traders’ needs.

We value your privacy and confidentiality, and that of your clients. Unlike some of the other providers, we do not not show advertisements on our calendar pages, or track users by any other means. No personal information about your visitors is ever captured by our systems.

Economic News

Our Economic News service produces customized news snippets covering major economic releases from 45 major economies. These include comments by Central Bankers, bond issues and any other major news with implications for markets and currencies.

Our unique combination of algorithms and skilled human analysts ensures real time production of customized economic newsfeeds.


Major Features

EcoPulse products provide clients the option of customized content while retaining the high quality assurance of a standardized offering. Therefore, while developing the framework for Economic News, we have focused on providing flexibility to enable each client to modify the feed of these products as per their trading requirements.

The Economic News service can also provide feeds on social media accounts of Clients, apart from streaming the same onto their website.

The design of both our economic products, Economic Calendar and Economic News allows seamless integration with the client’s website in terms of branding and corporate color scheme. Economic News (as shown in the image below) is kept updated in real time, 24 by 5.

Delivery Platform

Both Economic Calendar and Economic News service can be streamed to our clients’ websites. Our experienced IT team collaborates with your webmaster and provides various technology options for a smooth integration. Both products are also available as Smartphone Apps and can also be integrated into our Client's existing Smartphone Apps.


Integrated Offering

We recognize that your clients simultaneously need regular market reviews on one hand and real time market moving economic news on the other. Our experienced product architects have built a truly unique product combination by bundling our renowned daily market reports and economic calendar services into one package at an attractive price point. Our representatives will be happy to discuss the combined pricing with you at your convenience.

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